Susan Connery
PO Box 105
Walpole ME 04573
(207) 677-6018
Thinking about designing a floorcloth for a specific space or as a gift? Here are a few questions to start thinking about:

  • Where will the new floorcloth be used?
  • Do you want it to be round, rectangle, square, or oval?
  • What other colors are in the space (curtains, wall/trim, cabinets)?
  • Is there a certain motif that appeals to you? Flowers, geometric/shapes, birds, ocean-boats, fish or other ocean critters such as starfish, shells…
  • Do you have a pattern (fabric, tile, or wallpaper) that you want repeated on your floorcloth?

Message me questions, ideas, and requests to move forward with having a custom floorcloth designed.

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