The Design Process

The process starts with a #8-18oz heavy weight canvas. Both sides are primed, sanded and given 2-3 coats of base color.  I mitre cut the corners, and then use a heavy-duty glue to hem the mat.. Then the fun starts: engineering and applying the design/image,  giving everything 2 coats of paint. To finish: on the top, I put 5 coats of Clear Satin Floor Poly. For the bottom, I paint a rubber coating that makes the mat non-slip. Floorcloths will last for many years. Download the brochure to learn more.



Prices can vary greatly from one floorcloth to another. Size, number of colors and pattern determine the price. A 2ft x 3ft mat with 2-3 colors and simple design can start at $300.00. A 2ft x 4ft mat may start at $400.00. I try to keep pricing as close to $50 per square foot. Of course the larger, more complex and multi-colored floorcloths will rise in price. For shipping, I roll the floorcloth up in protective plastic foam sheeting and put in a heavy duty cardboard tube. When it arrives at your house, unroll it and just let it relax back to it’s flat state.


Partner Galleries in Maine

Susan’s floorcloths are on display and available for purchase at these galleries in Maine.


How to Order and Shipping

Call 207-677-6018 or email to start your order today.

Mats can be hand-delivered in Midcoast Maine, or shipped anywhere in the U.S. Shipping costs are included in the price of the mat.

Maine State tax is added to the price of the mat.


Some common places where floorcloths are a great fit

  • The kitchen sink or counter
  • In front of the tub/shower or under the sink
  • Under your pet’s eating/water bowls
  • As a hallway runner
  • Under the dining table
  • On a coffee table as a runner or placemat
  • Under a baby’s highchair
  • Any place you would put a rug or floor mat.



To clean your new floorcloth, use a very mild liquid cleanser. I dilute white vinegar in mild soapy water and use a soft scrubby sponge.